Trisha Paytas' Baby Gender Reveal Party Divides the Internet

Trisha Paytas' Baby Gender Reveal Party Divides the Internet

The internet doesn't know what to make of Trisha Paytas' gender reveal party.

This past weekend, the controversial YouTuber hosted a gender reveal party for their first child with husband Moses Hacmon and shared a video from the event, in which they found out they were expecting a girl. And while many took to social media to congratulate Paytas, a number of critics also raised their eyebrows at their decision to even do a gender reveal in the first place, given that the star — who is nonbinary — previously said they wouldn't impose gender norms on their child.

"I'm going to be raising my baby as a baby — nonbinary. But I'm not necessarily doing the gender norms. We're not necessarily like pink or blue," Paytas said earlier this year.

However, they also added that they would still do that for the reveal, with Hacmon also suggesting that "people should have two" ceremonies: the first being a reveal of what "the baby is biologically" and a second reveal later on after they decide their gender identity.

Following the part though, Twitter users expressed confusion over why Paytas would even bother with a gender reveal as "someone who is nonbinary and has had so much attention around [their] own gender."

"Anyone else find this weird??," as one commenter asked, before another added, "Is anyone else concerned with Trisha Paytas being non-binary and advocating for non-gender conformity and then having a traditional gender reveal party is the colors and all??"

A third wrote, "You don’t know if it’s a girl. You’re labeling the baby. You are supposed to let the baby tell you what gender and sexual it is. You of all ppl know this."

Meanwhile, others brought up Paytas' past statements about their child's gender identity, though they also had their fair share of defenders, who argued, "It’s almost like people can change their mind. weird right."

Watch Paytas' video of the gender reveal party below.

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