How to Watch Travis Scott's 'Astroworld' Event in Fortnite

How to Watch Travis Scott's 'Astroworld' Event in Fortnite

It's official — Travis Scott will premiere a new song and bring a special immersive experience inspired by his 2018 album Astroworldto Fortnite this week starting Thursday, April 23. While he may not be the first artist to bring fans a live music experience via the gaming giant, rest assured his will be the most extravagant. I mean, he builds a theme park IRL every time Stormi has a birthday.

While artists around the world are trying to adapt to a music industry without live performances and traditional festivals, some are finding more innovative ways than a run-of-the-mill Instagram Live or Twitch stream to build an experience for their fans. Gaming platforms have proven especially advantageous in creating a sort of secondary world for concertgoers, with companies like Open Pit leading the charge via Minecraft. After Fortnite's massively successful concert with Marshmello in February 2019, it seems the platform is trying out another immersive music experience with Travis Scott specifically to support the release of his new single.

Lauded as a collaboration between Fortnite and Cactus Jack, Travis Scott's "Astronomical" is promised to be a "one of a kind musical journey" presented over the course of several days later this week. There are different premiere times for different regions around the world, so check the schedule to be sure you don't miss yours.

In addition to the experience, Scott has also been added to the game's "Icon" series, with playable outfits and emotes available starting tomorrow, April 21. To log on for the full Astroworld-inspired digital experience, make sure your game is updated to the latest version also being released tomorrow, and then arrive in the game 30 minutes prior to each set time — Fortnite notes that if capacity is reached, they cannot open up the game to any more for the live experience. If you don't get in during your timezone, don't fret: the sets are not region locked. Visit Epic Games' official website for more details.

Photo via Fortnite