Timothée Chalamet 'Hasn’t Auditioned for Anything' in Over Seven Years

Timothée Chalamet 'Hasn’t Auditioned for Anything' in Over Seven Years

Timothée Chalamet is Hollywood's most popular heartthrob, and now he's potentially one of its biggest nepotism babies.

The dreaded "nepo baby" label is becoming just as common nowadays as "industry plant," with the former referring to someone who receives special privileges due to their relatives or friends being powerful. Usually, it means that someone is able to get jobs because of who they know, and it's usually famous parents.

Now Chalamet doesn't exactly fit the nepo baby definition despite his mother being a real estate agent and his father being a journalist, but then again, he is the nephew of Rodman Flender, best known as the director of Leprechaun 2.

However, Chalamet's status as one of Hollywood's most exciting stars of the past few years is raising some eyebrows as to how privileged he is.

After it was announced that Paul Mescal was set to play the lead role in Ridley Scott's Gladiator 2, rumors began to swirl of other possible contenders ranging from Austin Butler to Chalamet before Mescal was eventually chosen.

In a response to a now-deleted tweet saying that Chalamet was among the several actors who "auditioned" for the role, the actor's agent Brian Swardstrom set the record straight and said, "I know one of these actors was shooting a film in the middle east for the past several months - and he hasn’t auditioned for anything in more than 7 years."

The response was mixed, with some saying that Chalamet should not be exempt from the audition process. 

While others are quick to say that this is a normal thing for seasoned actors and Chalamet isn't receiving any special treatment.

Another day of Chalamet beating the nepo baby allegations. We love to see it.

Photo courtesy of Billy Farrell/BFA