Tiffany Haddish on Feeling 'Alive' After Shaving Her Head

Tiffany Haddish on Feeling 'Alive' After Shaving Her Head

Tiffany Haddish is getting real about her decision to shave her head.

Back in July 2020, the Grammy-winning comedian shaved her head on Instagram Live, explaining that it was something she'd wanted to do "for years" so that she could finally see her entire scalp.

"I know where every single mole is. Anybody that's ever done my hair has heard me say it," as she said at the time, before going on to preemptively circumvent any trollish speculation by clarifying that she was "not suffering from no emotional shit."

"Why when a woman decides, 'Hey I'm gonna cut this hair off because I wanna see my scalp,' she gotta have a mental problem?," as Haddish continued. "Nothing is wrong with my brain, you guys." And though that seemed to be the end all be all, nearly two years after the big chop, Haddish is now giving fans an update via a new interview with Byrdie magazine about her big beauty switch up.

According to the star, the first few days after the shave felt incredible, describing it as the "best feeling I ever felt in my whole entire life."

"The most sensations I ever felt. I was jealous of every bald-headed man I've ever seen," she said, reiterating her previous statements about wanting to know "every nook and cranny" of her body.

Haddish added, "It's really important to know who you are, and that's the one part of my body I didn't know."

Not only that, but she also went on to tell the publication that shaving her head felt like a true and honest expression of self, which is "way easier" than pretending to be someone else. And as she put it, the only relief she felt was when she finally figured out that she "was trying to be something I wasn't."

"My soul was screaming at me," as she recalled. "'What are we doing? This is not who we are. Stop it!'"

Read Haddish's entire interview with Byrdie magazine here.

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