Willow Smith Explains 'Radical' Decision to Shave Her Head

Willow Smith Explains 'Radical' Decision to Shave Her Head

Willow Smith is getting real about the rationale behind her big beauty switch up.

In a new interview with Glamour UK, the 21-year-old star talked about her journey from being the viral sensation behind "Whip My Hair" to an accomplished pop-punk musician opening for the likes of scene stalwarts like Machine Gun Kelly. But as she's gradually evolved into an emo icon over the past 12 years, there have also been some other big changes that have nothing to do with musical genres or artistic style, including her decision to shave her head.

"I like to see a glare on my scalp, a bounce of light," Willow said, before adding that "shaving my head is maybe the most radical thing I've done in the name of beauty."

After all, the "t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l" singer explained that there were "a lot of layers" to her complex relationship with her hair and skin as a Black woman, which she described as a process that "was definitely a learning curve." As she's come into her own though, Willow has become more comfortable experimenting with different looks, which has the publication said has been important "representation" for "Black women who live life outside the box and who dispel narrow style margins."

"However I'm feeling, I like to do that. I don't really like to think about it too much," as she said. "I love to be free with it. I think just being me sometimes is radical."

Willow added, "I had to look up to other beautiful Black women. Just looking at someone who’s like me, living their truth and doesn’t let what society says tear them down. I think that was the most important [influence] for me as a child.”

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