Telfar Shopping Bag Reseller Faces Online Backlash
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Telfar Shopping Bag Reseller Faces Online Backlash

The hypebeast market has officially discovered Telfar, and the results aren't pretty.

On Thursday, the brand finally restocked their iconic Shopping Bag, much to the excitement of fashion-lovers who have been patiently waiting for their very own "Bushwick Birkin."

Unfortunately though, many were disappointed to discover that the bags were almost instantly sold out. But thanks to a tweet from an account associated with fashion reseller Hypernova Group, it didn't take long for people to start calling foul on the suspiciously quick snap-up.

Needless to say, on the heels of the claim that Hypernova Group had allegedly purchased "over 60 percent" of the restock, many Twitter users began expressing their rightful indignation.

"I see straight men reselling Telfar bags and idk how to feel... ...I thought yall sold Yeezys and 1s," one person wrote, while another pointed out that doubling or tripling the Shopping Bag's original price — which retails from $150 to $257 — was far from ethical.

"This really isn't okay????" they said. "Telfar was made to be afordabke [sic] for everyone and you go and buy 60% of the product to hike up the price u need to burn in hellfire and brimstone."

After all, as other commenters reiterated, this sort of price gouging runs completely counter to the entire ethos of Telfar — which was founded with the intent to make accessible luxury — and the creation of the Shopping Bag itself.

"Telfar Clemens didn't make the price range of 'The Shopping Bag' as affordable as it is for any 'ol reason," as MEFeater writer Court Kim explained. "He wanted to make luxury affordable for ALL of us. It's literally the slogan of Telfar Global. Black men reselling them to Black women at a higher cost? It's disgusting."

In the wake of the backlash, another user tried to defend Hypernova Group's actions by arguing that they were "singlehandedly raising the value of a Black Owned Luxury Brand" — a point many pushed back on by saying that it was "greed," plain and simple.

As for Telfar, the brand has since closed its online store and put a password on its website. Additionally, they issued a statement via Instagram Stories, writing, "Telfar is for the people. Not bots. Store on ice while we root them out."

In the meantime, see what else the internet is saying, below.

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