Jake Paul's Team 10 Launches Internal Investigation Into Transphobia Allegations

Jake Paul's Team 10 Launches Internal Investigation Into Transphobia Allegations

Jake Paul's Team 10 collective is launching an "internal investigation" into YouTuber Lilah Gibney's allegations of transphobia.

Earlier this week, Gibney posted a video with her friend, Kendall Raindrop, claiming that they were ousted from a house party at the YouTuber incubator in Calabasas for not being "real girls."

According to the vlog, Gibney and Raindrop were told by Team 10 editor Blaine O'Roark that they had to leave the mansion, because he "thought you guys were going to come with real girls." Not only that, but the duo posted video evidence of O'Roark saying he's "not being transphobic" when questioned about his use of the term "real girls."

Now, Team 10 has responded by saying they are taking the allegations "seriously" and are looking into the issue to "determine exactly what unfolded, and the full context."

"Jake Paul and Team 10 have continuously embraced the LGBTQ community with open arms and a commitment to use the brands [sic] substantial social media platforms to raise awareness and support for everyone within the LGBTQ community and beyond," they wrote in a statement. "There is simply no room whatsoever for ignorance on matters of sexuality and gender identity, which is why we take the matter at hand very seriously."

That said, Gibney wasn't impressed with the statement. In a follow-up tweet, she wrote, "wait what is there to investigate??? video proof usually is enough babe!"

"i wasn't welcomed with 'open arms' but told you LEAVE," she continued. "so grossed out & hurt that transphobia is being normalized & not talked about like its a real thing that transgender people deal with DAILY. period."

Gibney also previously told The Daily Dotthat she was threatened with legal action by a Team 10 manager who asked her to remove the video. See what Gibney has to say in full, below.

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