Taylor Swift Has Been Arriving Onstage Via Janitor Cart

Taylor Swift Has Been Arriving Onstage Via Janitor Cart

BYJade Gomez​Apr 06, 2023

When you get to the same level of fame as Taylor Swift, it gets hard to navigate life without being hounded at every turn. Luckily, she's become a master of disguise over the years. When you're in the middle of performing on one of the biggest tours in the world, you get crafty.

Rumors began circulating that Swift was making her way through the venue and onto the stage in a curious way: a janitor cart. Obviously it's near impossible to verify that unless you're on Swift's camp, but a TikTok user was able to satisfy our confusion and curiosity.

In a video posted by @shaydanazifpour, their obstructed view may not get them prime view of the stage, but it certainly got them prime view of Swift being carefully wheeled backstage via a large fake janitor cart. The video is slow at first, but the payoff is well worth it as a door opens to reveal a sparkly, golden Swift ready to take the stage.


Not Taylor Swift popping out of the janitor cart during the #arlingtontserastour @taylorswift @taylornation #tstheerastour #eras #taylorswift #janitorsoftiktok

Commenters were living for the hilarious scheme, with one person writing: "the commitment to the bit and putting mops on top is so funny to me."

Another commenter said that they hope we can get an exclusive view of the inside of the cart for the Eras Tour documentary.

This is far from the first time the "Anti-Hero" singer has been spotted taking unconventional approaches to hide. Previously, there were rumors that Swift was being transported in a large suitcase, pointing to photos of security guards lugging a heavy piece of baggage outside of her New York home. Zayn Malik, being the good friend he is, confirmed the rumors to be true.

Photo courtesy of Virisa Yong/BFA