Taylor Swift's Response to Private Jet Criticism Becomes Viral Meme

Taylor Swift's Response to Private Jet Criticism Becomes Viral Meme

The internet is less than impressed with Taylor Swift alleged environmental impact.

Just for a little context, the hubbub started last Friday after sustainability marketing firm Yard revealed which celebrities used their private jets the most, which included the likes of Drake and Kylie Jenner. That said, based off flight log data from the @CelebJets Twitter account and the estimated amounts of carbon dioxide emissions created by each plane, the firm eventually ended up figuring out that the no. 1 spot belonged to none other than Swift thanks to her jet flying 170 trips in the past year for a total of 15.9 days in the air.

According to Yard, this amount of flight time translated into 8,293.54 tons of CO2 released into the atmosphere, which is 1,184.8 times what the average person causes in a year. And given the ongoing climate crisis, it didn't take long for the internet to call out the "Cruel Summer" singer for her massive carbon footprint, leading a spokesperson for Swift to defend the star in a statement Rolling Stone.

"Taylor’s jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals.To attribute most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect," they said, even though this only made things worse.

After all, as one person responded, "you’ve really gotta hand it to taylor swift’s publicist bc 'she generously rents out her jet for her poorer friends who can’t afford their own personal jets to use' is the funniest possible way to put a humanitarian spin on her carbon emissions." So needless to say, the end result was plenty of memes clowning Swift and her private jet.

"????? Taylor Swift just broke into my home and replaced all my paper straws with plastic and said 'burn b*tch' before leaving off on her jet," as writer Hanna Phifer joked on Twitter, while another person labeled a photo of an extremely overcrowded airfield as "taylor swift's driveway."

Elsewhere, other viral tweets poked fun at the amount of time the star was reportedly spending in the air, with several more commenters making quips about Swift using her plane to do everything from crossing "the ocean to attend this year's met gala" to benign tasks like "going to get a glass of water" or walking "to the fridge for a midnight snack." Peanuts, perhaps?

Photo via Getty / Rich Fury