As It Turns Out, SZA Really Did Break Her Ankle

As It Turns Out, SZA Really Did Break Her Ankle

Though the internet was rather open about its skepticism over SZA's self-diagnosed ankle injury, the recent Grammy award winner took to Instagram stories with the receipts to prove it.

When she arrived at Music's Biggest Night on Sunday, SZA walked gingerly up to the stage in her long tulle gown and stilettos to accept the award for Best Pop Duo alongside Doja Cat for their song “Kiss Me More” with crutches in hand.

If it wasn’t already clear that she was in some kind of pain, then her being wheeled out of the event in a wheelchair later on should have been the tell-tale sign that something was really wrong — even if the singer herself didn’t realize the severity of the injury.

SZA realized the full-extent after visiting a doctor and posting about what happened on her Instagram Story. She shared a video of a doctor wrapping her leg, with the accompanying caption being, “Lmao it’s confirmed broken... I thought it was just sprained.” After a few crying emojis, she wrote “I was NOT missing that carpet.”

Afterwards, she shared how she got the injury — revealing that it was the same one that she casually mentioned in the press room at the Grammys but didn’t realize that it was so serious. “Chipped the corner of my ankle bone right off doing NOTHING,” she wrote.

Now that the world sees SZA’s ankle, the speculation can finally stop. The boss of her label, Top Dawg Entertainment’s Punch, took to Twitter to call out fans who were speculating that SZA’s injury was inauthentic.

“Crazy day man,” he wrote. “SZA twisted her ankle the night before the awards, really hours before. She almost canceled. It was super inspiring to see her power thru and make it at the tail end of the red carpet and then go up on stage with crutches to get the trophy with Doja. Salute.”

Wishing SZA a speedy recovery.

Photo via Getty/ Johnny Nunez