Sound Off: 10 New Songs You Need to Hear Now

Sound Off: 10 New Songs You Need to Hear Now

by Shaad D'Souza

It's impossible to be across all the new music out each Friday. Luckily, PAPER is here to help you out: each week, we round up 10 of our favorite new songs from artists — emerging and established — to soundtrack your life. From the surreal to the sublime, these songs cover every corner of the music world. The only criteria: they all have to absolutely rip.

SZA — "F2F"

​SZA has returned with a bang with SOS, a rich and varied hour-plus album. A clear highlight is this pop-punk gem, a song that transposes her usual TMI internal monologue onto a gigantic rager of a chorus.

Lana Del Rey — "Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd"

The first single from Lana’s new album of the same name is gorgeous and soulful, a strings-laden ballad that brings us Lana at her most raw and unfiltered.

Caroline Polachek — "Welcome To My Island"

This soaring, ecstatic synth-pop curio is a sweet, dizzying introduction to the world of Caroline Polachek’s long-awaited Pang follow-up, jumping from minimalist chiptune to grand '80s sleaze.

Paramore — "The News"

​Paramore’s latest single is a paranoid and tense song about the grueling vibe of reading the news at this point in time. It’s raucous and relatable.

Biig Piig — "Picking Up (feat. Deb Never)"

“Picking Up” rushes from plaintive emotions to drum’n’bass pounder in a split-second, and it’s a thrill to hear it make the move – like taking the final terrifying drop on a rollercoaster.

Blondshell — "Veronica Mars"

Was Logan really that much of a dick? That’s what I find myself wondering when listening to “Veronica Mars” – I don’t think so, but it’s nice to hear the debate litigated in song.

Shygirl — "Posion - Club Shy mix"

A highlight of Shygirl’s Nymph gets a booming, bass-heavy update, turning it into a sinewy, 3am floor-filler.

Florence + The Machine and Ethel Cain — "Morning Elvis - Live At Denver Ball Arena"

Florence Welch and Ethel Cain clearly share a lot of musical DNA, and their voices sound gorgeous together on this live rendition of “Morning Elvis,” given an extra hit of twang courtesy of Cain.

Samia — "Sea Lions"

“Sea Lions” begins as a relatively spare folk ballad before dipping into a skronky, off-kilter kind of IDM, ending with garbled transmissions from some spaced-out radio station.

Gabrielle Shonk — "Aftertaste"

“Aftertaste” is an interesting dose of neo-soul, gussied up to fit in alongside bedroom pop and DIY producer music. It’s a heady combination.

Photo courtesy of RCA Records