Arca, Dorian Electra, and More Pay Tribute to SOPHIE on International Trans Day of Visibility

Arca, Dorian Electra, and More Pay Tribute to SOPHIE on International Trans Day of Visibility

A group of groundbreaking LGBTQIA+ musicians have come together to pay tribute to SOPHIE on International Trans Day of Visibility.

In honor of the late pop pioneer, friends and fellow sonic innovators — including Arca, Dorian Electra, Pabllo Vittar, Lyra Pramuk, Fraxiom, and Chase Icon — celebrated the life and work of the influential, boundary-pushing icon for a new Apple Music 1 special.

Playing tracks from throughout the Grammy-nominated artist's career, as Arca explained in a press release, the program was meant to remember SOPHIE's "amazing music, the genius, the playfulness, the boldness, and [how SOPHIE's] vision continue to shine brightly throughout the experience of all the beautiful art."

"SOPHIE was a visionary, iconic, and made a future of pop music right in front of our eyes," Vittar added, before calling SOPHIE "a dream influence on my work."

"The first time I heard one of her songs, I remember my head exploded because everything was perfect and crazy and weird at the same time," Vittar continued. "It made me go listen to everything she had done, and has been a dream influence on my work. Since then, her passing has made me very sad, but I think it's very important to celebrate the great work she left for us to hear and enjoy for eternity. SOPHIE, we will always love you."

Meanwhile, Pramuk went on to say that SOPHIE ultimately represented "limitlessness, modernity, coupled with an earthly humanity, angelic alien transmogrification of a formless imaginary into concrete matter."

"SOPHIE is freedom. SOPHIE is a tide shift of change. SOPHIE is immaterial, and very real. SOPHIE is our sister. SOPHIE opened doors for us. SOPHIE is a mad scientist, magician of sound. A true revolutionary, a femme fatale," Pramuk said, later concluding, "Most of all, SOPHIE means knowing that if everything means nothing, then nothing means everything."

Listen to the show via Apple Music, here.

Photo by Jason Altaan for PAPER