Take a Trip to 'Club Cooter' With Chase Icon

Take a Trip to 'Club Cooter' With Chase Icon

Just last week, internet pop sensation Chase Icon wrote and recorded a new single from her bedroom, “which is one of the reasons I love being an independent artist,” she tells PAPER. “When it comes down to it, I can go from simply having an idea to putting out the full song, and I don’t need anyone’s approval or blessing.” After all, she says, “I’m a business diva, so I like things to move quickly over here.”

Titled “Club Cooter,” out on Soundcloud and YouTube today, Icon’s latest release has the energy and spontaneity of her online presence, which fans have come to follow religiously, while paying homage to an older style of electro-clash that she feels is missing from music today. On it, Icon builds off Felix da Housecat’s 2001 track “Silver Screen,” opting to use the instrumental almost entirely as-is rather than a subtle sample. “[It] is way too perfect to even wanna mess with,” she says.

When the original song came out in the early aughts, Icon was “barely one year old,” so she says the cultural moment missed her entirely. This is why she intended to put a different spin on Miss Kittin’s “elegant and poetic” vocals to transform the famous cut into something more playful for a new, queer generation. “I wanted everyone to experience my own mini-revival of the track when I play it at my live shows,” Icon says.

Premiering today with a visualizer, “Club Cooter” delivers on everything you’d expect from an Icon track, with hilarious one-liners and overflowing arrogance. “Bitches in my biz, while your man is in my butt,” she raps. “I got bleach blonde bangs, so I'm looking like a slut.” Indeed, Icon wears a very Britney Spears peroxide wig and big, black sunnies in the video, as she poses for a security camera. If Icon’s 2022 EP, The Girlfriend Experience, was an introduction to her world as of late, perhaps Club Cooter is just a stop along the ride.

“I wanna let people come up with their own takeaway on what it means to take a trip to Club Cooter,” Icon says. “I could be speaking in metaphor; maybe it's just a place in my imagination, maybe it’s a private party for all my little chasers or maybe it's the hottest spot in OC and you just weren't invited.”

Watch the PAPER premiere of Chase Icon's "Club Cooter" visualizer, below.

Photo courtesy of Chase Icon