Introducing 'SNATCHURAL' With Beauty Expert XOXOETHAN

Introducing 'SNATCHURAL' With Beauty Expert XOXOETHAN


Hi Uglies...

I am beyond excited to share with you the first episode of SNATCHURAL, PAPER's first-ever beauty series on YouTube!

Snatchural is how I describe my signature glam: snatched and natural.

On this show, I review the hottest products, try various cosmetic treatments, have a couple of celebrity guests appear and share some of my favorite beauty tips/ tricks. Over the past five years, my taste for glam has expanded and I love trying new hair, makeup and nails — but this signature Snatchural look has always been my go-to.

Dress: MSGM, Bracelets: Cartier

My love for beauty runs deep. Ever since I was young, I can remember being obsessed with makeup and hair. When I was eight years old, I would sneak into my mom's vanity and put on blue eyeshadow. From then on, every department store I went into with my family, I would always be lingering near the makeup counters. The makeup artists would always be puzzled to find a little brown kid, fingers deep in their lipstick containers. I was born in Dubai and raised in Dallas, so glam has always been a part of my life, but it wasn't until I moved to New York to attend NYU that I really started playing with makeup.

Now here I am, 23 years old and beating my face on camera for you all! The goal of SNATCHURAL is to educate and entertain — unlocking some of the best-kept secrets within the beauty industry.

We have so many incredible videos coming so sit down, grab your blending brushes and let's slay.

Stay glam,


Mark Traynor The Face Lift

Creative Direction and photography: Vincent Riportella
Nails: Faith Frazier
Hair and makeup:Ethan D'spain