SNATCHURAL: Tipsy Makeup Challenge With Angel Merino

SNATCHURAL: Tipsy Makeup Challenge With Angel Merino


In the latest episode of SNATCHURALwhich arrives after me getting a face full of filler — I had the chance to sit down with the fabulous Angel Merino (AKA Mac_Daddyy on YouTube)... and get drunk together.

You've likely already seen Angel's face plastered across your local Sephora. Formerly a MAC employee and celebrity makeup artist (Ariana Grande, Toni Braxton, Chanel Iman), the Latino beauty star founded his own brand Artist Couture and in the span of six years has transformed it into a viral success.

While I sipped rosé and Angel took pulls directly from his Don Julio bottle, we chatted about Los Angeles, dating and life, all while doing a drunk makeup challenge that will leave you shook with our final looks. (It's giving full fall fantasy with neutral browns and a pop of glitter.)

Afterwards, I ended up going on a Hinge date (#NotSponsored) and it was absolutely terrible. When will men learn to chew with their mouths closed...

Check out SNATCHURAL, below, and let us know who you think won the challenge in the comments.

And click through some of my favorite Artist Couture products, below, that were used in the video.

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