SNATCHURAL How-To: Slay With Makeup Under Your Mask

SNATCHURAL How-To: Slay With Makeup Under Your Mask


Hi uglies,

At this point in 2020, chances are you've tried to wear makeup underneath your mask — a hot mess, right?

I've finally figured out the perfect combination of products to ensure that makeup lasts underneath my mask and remains flawless even when I take it off. From foundation to setting powders and primers, check out this guide for all the beauty products needed to slay all day.

The order these products are applied matters the most:

First, I start with a water-based moisturizer that locks hydration into my skin. Then, I go in with a setting powder that's close to my skin-tone to smooth over pores and create a protective barrier against the makeup. (I love the Laura Mercier setting powders because they offer a line of radiant ones that have pearl pigments infused into the powder for a soft glow.) Next, I use a small bit of primer all over my face to lock everything in — make sure it's not a silicone-based one.


I always get asked how I keep my makeup on while wearing a you guys go! ##MakeupRoutine ##beauty ##makeup

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Finally, the real star of the show is the new NARS Soft Matte foundation, which is perfectly formulated for wearing masks. The diffusing powders in this foundation absorb sebum, which prevents the color from oxidizing and allows it to remain transfer-resistant.

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Watch XOXOETHAN get a face full of filler, below.

Photo courtesy of Manny Inoa