After A Six Decade Hiatus, Schiaparelli Returns to Bergdorf Goodman

After A Six Decade Hiatus, Schiaparelli Returns to Bergdorf Goodman

From 1931 till 1954, Bergdorf Goodman was one of few places in the world where one could purchase Schiaparelli. Since the maison reopened in 2013 with an eighteen-look tribute collection by Christian Lacriox, it's remained exclusive to 21 Place Vendôme, until now. For the first time in over 60 years, Schiaparelli (now helmed by Christian Lacriox alumnus Bertrand Guyon) returns to Bergdorf Goodman in a pop up space celebrating its new "pret-a-couture" line's first collection Story #1.

Linda Fargo and Lucie de la Falaise : celebrate the launch of Schiaparelli at Bergdorf Goodman

The label's new evergreencollection (not set to follow the distinctions of spring-summer or fall-winter) titled Story is ready-to-wear made on a smaller scale with couture techniques. The first iteration of the line, which debuted at Paris Fashion Week last month, was made in collaboration with the Man Ray Trust.

"They actually met in NYC when she had not yet launched her couture house and he was hardly known," Guyon explains of the late Elsa Schiaparelli's relationship to the American expat artist based in Paris. "It is quite amazing to be able to explore something that touched her personally. She was an Italian in NYC who became close to young, up-and-coming artists who went on to shape the art world a few years later."

Windows At Bergdorf Goodman

Now host to the collection in a pop-up boutique on its fourth floor (also designed in partnership with the Man Ray Trust), Bergdorf Goodman's corner windows, designed by its Senior Director of Visual Presentations David Hoey, are also Story #1 themed. At the intersection of 58th Street & 5th Avenue, passersby are treated to displays featuring Man Ray's surrealist works and pieces from the new collection that take them on as motifs.

Australian model Ajak Deng, Princesses Marie-Chantal and Maria Olympia of Greece, and Nicky Hilton joined Linda Fargo and Bertrand Guyon for a cocktail event to celebrate the fantastical new space complete with shocking pink accents, murals of Place Vendôme, and trunk-like fixtures. See more from the soiree, below.

Ajak Deng

Images Courtesy of Bergdorf Goodman & Schiaparelli