Sam Smith and Kim Petras Criticized For 'Satanic' Grammys Performance

Sam Smith and Kim Petras Criticized For 'Satanic' Grammys Performance

Sam Smith and Kim Petras form an unlikely pair, but the two made magic with the creation of their hit song “Unholy,” which has dominated the charts since its release.

The song proved to be so successful, it even netted them a huge award. It was a cause for celebration, being that Petras became the first openly-trans woman to snag a Grammy. Unfortunately, some people chose to focus on the aesthetics of their thrilling, fiery performance to fuel a satanic panic. 

Building off their devilishly delicious red carpet looks that they took to the stage, the duo dialed into the religious imagery of their hit song dressed in all red. Smith sported a top hat with devil horns, surrounded by flailing dancers and flames while Petras belted from the inside of a cage.

Despite putting on a very tongue-in-cheek performance that is very literal in interpretation, some people were concerned that Smith and Petras are indoctrinating people into worshipping the man downstairs.

Don't worry, Republicans also got angry.

Funnily enough, "Unholy" is all about the condemnation of adultery. Cruz could take some notes considering he was accused of cheating on his wife with several women during the 2016 presidential race. Now that's holy behavior.

As for Marjorie Taylor Greene's claim that Satanists are opening up a clinic that require a ritual be performed before services, it is simply fear mongering. The Satanic Temple is using their recognition as a religion to open up a clinic, thereby allowing for them to provide reproductive health services without being affected by restrictions and bans under the First Amendment and both federal and state religious freedom acts. Just thought we'd clear that up!

So what do Satanists think of the performance? Surely they'd be on board. On the contrary, the Church of Satan was underwhelmed with the performance. Its magister, David Harris, said that the feat was "nothing particularly special." Tough crowd.

However, Harris did have some words for the politicians up in arms over Smith and Petras' joint slay. "It's sad when politicians on a national stage use someone's religion as a punchline," he told TMZ. Even though some tweets referenced the Satanic Temple — a completely different entity from the Church of Satan — the point still stands.

Next time Smith and Petras should take cues from Lil Nas X who, according to Harris, aligned with the Church of Satan a lot more with his transgressive "Montero" visual. Noted.

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