Sam Smith Says They're 'Never Too Much' Following Backlash

Sam Smith Says They're 'Never Too Much' Following Backlash

Sam Smith is addressing criticism of their latest music video.

On Friday, the 30-year-old singer, who is nonbinary, unveiled their fourth studio album Gloria, following it up hours later with the music video for the Calvin Harris-produced single "I'm Not Here to Make Friends." Directed by Tanu Muino and shot in King Henry VIII's castle, the glittery, bacchanalian video features cabaret ensembles, dancers hanging from chandeliers, and bottles of champagne spraying over scantily-clad bodies.

As soon as the video was released, the internet was flooded with comments both supportive and critical. Conservative commentators in the US and UK were among the most vocal detractors, many accusing Smith of vulgarity and over sexualization.

Appearing on BBC's The Graham Norton Showover the weekend, Smith said they welcomed the controversy and ensuing headlines, but clarified that nothing lewd actually happened. "Nothing seedy went on," they said. "It wasn’t weird. Weirder things have happened in that castle. Let's be honest."

Divided opinions also came from within the LGBTQ community, with negative commentary on Twitter ranging from body-shaming to pearl-clutching over the risqué nature of the video.

Some users also came to Smith's defense, with one writing, "You are entitled to like or not like Sam Smith music but what y’all won’t do is fat shame Sam and stop calling them "he" like it makes you look bad not them."

On Sunday, Smith spoke out directly on Twitter, appearing to address the ongoing controversy by posting a photo featuring the black-feathered ensemble from the video alongside a caption that said, "Never too much."

Photo via Getty Images / Will Heath / NBC