Over the weekend, Twitter went crazy for one kind of uncomfortably sensual video of a man the Internet-at-large is now calling "Salt Bae" -- and, holy shit, does his sprinkle wrist make us feel all weird inside.

Salt Bae, a Turkish chef named Nusret Gökçe who owns a chain of six steakhouses, already had a pretty decent Instagram following, but went full-blown viral after a new video of him sprinkling salt on a perfectly deboned steak became a meme to illustrate the moments when you're being the most.

Couple that with a bunch of observations related to proper loving, and you've obviously got a bonafide social media superstar. Take note, boys.

And who could blame the Internet? Especially after a deep dive through his trove of meat-spanking, grill slapdowns and tri-tip waggling videos that can only be described as "foodporn" -- emphasis on the "porn."

And it also doesn't hurt that he bears a striking resemblance to The Fairly Odd Parents's Juandissimo Magnifico.