PAPER Fashion: Home

PAPER Fashion: Home

BYMickey BoardmanJan 23, 2023

"Home" is a celebratory piece about the ever-evolving merging of cultures between the South Asian community and Britain created in collaboration between creative director Rosie Bonnar and photographer Keerthana Kunnath.

This community has brought its vibrant culture over to the United Kingdom in many ways. Over time, the integration of the South Asian community into the British way of life has formed its own unique hybrid identity. "Home" explores the question: What does home mean and how does it take shape? The fashion in the story includes South Asian and UK designers that reflect this cultural coming-together.

(On Jacob) Jacket: Andersson Bell, Shoes: Giorgii, Accessories: JJMN.STUDIO; (On Dinesh) Clothing and accessories: JJMN.STUDIO; (On Karanjee) Clothing and accessories: Ahluwalia, Shoes: Model's own, Accessories: JJMN.STUDIO

Creative direction: Rosie Bonnar
Photography: Keerthana Kunnath
DOP: Celine Hong
Photography assistance: Iggy
Wardrobe styling: JuanJose Mouko Nsue
Makeup: Augustina Valiaugaite
Hair: Terri Capon
Models: Dinesh Gillela, Karanjee Gaba, Farhan Alam, Jacob Siriwardena, Kangkan Rabha
Production: Tina London, Charlotte Skeate
Production assistance: Jaanki Majithia
Stylist assistance: Alex Kim
Composition: Felix Morgan