Robert Pattinson Opens Up About His 'Ferocious' Masturbation Scene

Robert Pattinson Opens Up About His 'Ferocious' Masturbation Scene

Holy Batman! Robert Pattinson is baring all about his new role in Robert Eggers' The Lighthouse.

Recently, Pattinson sat down with The New York Timesto open up about what it was like to film the "ferocious masturbation scene" he did for the opening scene of the film.

"It's always nice to do something massive for your opening shot, and I went really massive on the first take," Pattinson said, also adding that it was literally the first scene he shot. "It was a 180 from everything we'd done in rehearsal."

Apparently though, his performance was so passionate that even Eggers was "a little in shock afterward."

"But I was like, 'O.K., cool, I didn't get told to stop, so I'll keep going in that direction,'" Pattinson continued. "As soon as I'd done that, it was like the road started getting paved."

That said, Pattinson's kind of an old hand (sorry) at these sorts of intense scenes. In a recent interview for Variety, he said that he just keeps having to masturbate.

"In the last three or four movies, I've got a masturbation scene. I did it in High Life. I did it in Damsel. And The Devil All the Time," he said. "I only realized when I did it the fourth time."

Talk about a complete 180 from his Harry Potter days. Read his full interview, here.

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