Rita Ora Made Coronavirus Merch
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Rita Ora Made Coronavirus Merch

Among the many T-shirts and hoodies you're no doubt rotating through as you work from home, why not add a giant green virus tee to the mix? Rita Ora, for one, is hoping you'll partake.

The singer just announced that she teamed up with the UN Foundation and World Health Organization to create a small "Stop the Spread" merch collection featuring the aforementioned virus logo with a large red cancel sign on top. (All of the proceeds go to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.) Prices/donations start at $8 for stickers to $50 for hoodies.

"To create as much awareness as we can, we are launching this symbol and an instruction page to offer some guidance from, and with support of the WHO," Ora wrote on Instagram. The instruction page includes guidelines like keeping your distance, avoiding touching your face and keeping your hands clean.

Ora added that any amount helps, although simply reposting the image is also a great step. "We would love you to buy whatever you can afford or make a small donation, but I wanted you to know that if that is not possible for you even sharing or posting the symbol will help," she concluded.

Visit StopTheSpread.shop to learn more.

Photo via Instagram