Rihanna's 'Good Girl Gone Bad' Dress Sold For $13,000

Rihanna's 'Good Girl Gone Bad' Dress Sold For $13,000

Prior to Instagram, you studied Rihanna's looks via MTV, searched specific outfit details on Google Images, combed YouTube for paparazzi videos, all for what? For this very moment: to purchase the very clothes off the back of the Bajan beauty for thousands of dollars. Be honest.

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Well, you're in luck. An auction is taking place featuring of Rihanna's most iconic and not-so-iconic pieces, all of which were worn by her, on her body. One of the earliest pieces up for grabs from her career is the Preen dress Rihanna wore on the Roberto D'Este-shot cover of her third, revolutionary album Good Girl Gone Bad. It went for $13,000.

The Gotta Have Rock & Roll-run auction will run until Saturday, and still has two Rihanna outfits left — a gold high neck mini dress and the lime green skirt and crop set worn for her MAC campaign. Both start at $2,000, in case you have that kind of money. Otherwise stay tuned for Rihanna's upcoming lingerie line Savage x Fenty, which will likely drain our bank accounts regardless.

Image courtesy of Def Jam, Shot by Roberto D'Este