Radioshack's Twitter Feed Is Total Chaos
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Radioshack's Twitter Feed Is Total Chaos

by Kenna McCafferty

Remember RadioShack? The one-stop shop found tucked away in every mall in the early 2000s went out of business in 2015, as retail moved online. But, in its heyday, RadioShack was a haven for music heads, gamers and computer nerds alike. To a 12-year-old boy, it was a dream come true.

Now the brand is back online, and embracing its consumer roots with a Twitter presence even a 12-year-old boy would fear.

We are buckled, but it seems like we might need a military-grade armored vehicle to protect us from the trainwreck of RadioShack tweets.

The brand was purchased in 2020 by Retail Ecommerce Ventures, the known "Hail Mary" for bankrupt companies like Pier 1 Imports, Modell’s Sporting Goods and Steinmart. Retail Ecommerce Ventures, in turn, is owned by entrepreneurs Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr, known for their controversial marketing styles — though their own social media presences take a different approach.

Though their wholesome Twitter presences remove them from the admin suspect list, Lopez, in particular, has been labeled a scam artist by critics. Some claim the OG Social Club by Tai Lopez "siphons out funds" as soon as NFTs are minted.

But, in a last-ditch effort to keep RadioShack afloat, Retail Ecommerce Ventures pivoted the retail brand into the blockchain game, which is their bread and butter. The "new" RadioShack uses crypto called Radio Shack Swap and the $RADIO token, which was worth $0.009983 at the time of publication.

The RadioShack Twitter, on the other hand, is doing numbers, aiming to bring attention to the crypto platform, despite the equally volatile dumpster fire that is the current crypto investment landscape — a solemn reminder that social media clout is purely cache, not cash.

Before you go down the rabbit hole that is the RadioShack Twitter and find yourself in the confession booth early tomorrow morning, we took the trouble to catalog some of the best and worst moments on the account, and will pay for our sins.

The account has been wreaking havoc in its own corner of the internet throughout June, but the first NSFW tweet to really draw attention came, no pun intended, towards the end of the month — and let us just say, you’ve been warned.

A self-proclaimed champion of "the new generation of Twitter," RadioShack tweeted at Elon Musk, the notorious crypto-bro who recently bought Twitter, asking why the account was placed on Twitter parole.

Hmm... I wonder why? Musk has yet to respond, but as the chaos continues it seems that Twitter parole was not enough to stop RadioShack. All we can say is... JAIL!

RadioShack also shot its shot with Lizzo, known DM-diver.

We have to wonder whether sparks are flying the way they did with Chris Evans, but that could just be RadioShack short-circuiting. It seems no one is safe from the RadioShack rampage, as the account promises to come for brand competitors, and... fast-food chains? Except, of course, for Hooters.

While there are plenty of "social media intern" jokes swirling the Twitter verse, we can’t help but feel that the account is run, not by an intern, but by a 12-year-old-gamer, putting it in violation of Twitter’s age requirement and child labor laws.

The true admin remains at large, but we all have our theories.

And some are more credible than others...

Whether or not this unconventional marketing tactic will pay off remains to be seen, but you can’t knock them for trying — and if we did, we’d be KO’d within minutes. From one internet-breaker to another, Godspeed RadioShack.

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