Pusha T Drops a McDonald's Diss Track for Arby's

Pusha T Drops a McDonald's Diss Track for Arby's

When Pusha T enters a beef, you know he's going to go for the jugular (just ask Drake) — which is precisely why Arby's enlisted the help of the rapper for its new McDonald's Filet-O-Fish diss track.

Making its entrance into the fish sandwich game, Arby's has announced its latest addition to the menu with a diss track that takes direct aim at its competitor. Making it extra spicy, Arby's enlisted the help of the very same artist that penned McDonald's now-iconic jingle. “I am solely responsible for the ’I’m Lovin‘ It’ swag and the jingle of that company,” Pusha toldRolling Stone. “That’s just real. I am the reason. Now I gotta crush it.”

Pusha went on to explain his deep fried change of heart saying, “I did it at a very young age at a very young time in my career where I wasn’t asking for as much money and ownership. It’s something that’s always dug at me later in life like, ‘Dammit, I was a part of this and I should have more stake.’ It was like half a million or a million dollars for me and my brother — but that’s peanuts for as long as that’s been running. I had to get that energy off me, and this [ad] was the perfect way to get that energy like, ‘You know what? I’m over it.’”

And Pusha T doesn't pull any punches, with lines like “How dare you sell a square fish, asking us to trust it?” and "drowned in tartar that Filet-O-Fish is tasteless." King Push goes on to talk about his marketing prowess, boasting that he could "sell water to a whale" with Arby's making a point at the end of the commercial to emphasize the fact that they did in fact compensate the rapper for his work.

As the chicken sandwich wars have shown, fast food franchises are not afraid to sling a little mud at one another. The fast food game is specifically no stranger to rap beefs either, lest we forget that infamous Wendy's mixtape from a few years back. As far as Arby's is concerned, the ball of fishy beef is now squarely in the Golden Arches court but given McDonald's recent preoccupation with celebrity endorsed meal deals, you probably shouldn't hold your breath for them to clap back any time soon.

Photo via Getty/ Michael Kovac