Arby's Is Making Curly Fry Vodka

Arby's Is Making Curly Fry Vodka

In the latest fast food innovation that nobody asked for, Arby's is rolling out a new line of vodka designed to taste like curly fries.

Teaming up with Minnesota distillery Tattersall, the franchise is rolling out two new limited-edition flavors inspired by their signature Curly Fries as well as their most recent addition to the menu, Crinkle Fries. Distilled with cayenne, paprika, onion and garlic, the Curly Fry vodka is apparently made in a way that "preserves the distinguished and authentic flavor profile" or if you're looking for a more "subtle" taste you can opt for the Crinkle variety which features real Kosher salt and sugar.

And while the idea of a salty vodka may not seem all too appealing, the potato-based liquor is actually the logical choice for fry flavoring. "Though we've mastered the art of drive-thru fries, we wanted to take it one step further by making them 80-proof," Arby's chief marketing officer, Patrick Schwing, said.

In fairness to the franchise, Arby's rolling out their brand of alcohol is a shrewd marketing ploy on their part because there's nothing that hits quite like the greasiest fast food possible when you're drunk. It only makes sense that they would want to capitalize on that loop. That being said, not everyone is the biggest fan of the idea.

The limited edition line of Arby's vodkas are set to drop November 18 (followed by a second drop on November 22) at $60 a bottle.

Photo via Getty/ Rick Diamond