A New 'Princess Diaries' Movie Is in the Works

A New 'Princess Diaries' Movie Is in the Works

Get ready to return to the kingdom of Genovia: Disney is bringing The Princess Diaries back for a brand new movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a third Princess Diaries movie is currently in the works, nearly two decades after the sequel film came out in 2004. Debra Martin Chase, who co-produced the first two films, is signed on to produce the new project, with Supergirl’s Aadrita Mukerji confirmed to pen the script. Though it's still in early development, sources say that the new movie won't be a reboot, instead picking up where the last film left off.

An important question remains: whether or not Anne Hathaway will reprise her role as Mia Thermopolis once again if asked. Hathaway has previously said that she would be open to the idea of returning for another installment in the Princess Diaries franchise, but only if it was the "perfect" script. (No pressure, Aadrita, by the way.) Hathaway told Andy Cohen on a 2019 episode of Watch What Happens Live that she, Julie Andrews and Debra Martin Chase all really wanted another movie to happen but would only support the project if they did the series justice. “It’s as important to us as it is to you, and we don’t want to deliver anything until it’s ready," Hathaway said.

Rumblings that a new Princess Diaries movie might be in the works have been floating around for years, with Meg Cabot, the author of the original books the films are based on, once even saying a script had already been written for another sequel. Word of The Princess Diaries 3 also falls in line with the lineup of reboots and revivals Disney has favored as of late, having just recently reunited the original cast of Hocus Pocus for a new film and brought back the Proud Family with a stacked cast of guest stars.

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