Step Inside Prince’s Fabulous Footwear Archives

Step Inside Prince’s Fabulous Footwear Archives

by Ana Escalante

If you've ever wanted to see the shoes royalty wears up close, now's your chance. The estate of Prince, guitar virtuoso and one of the greatest musicians of our time, is letting fans take a tour of the fabulous funk singer's footwear inside Paisley Park studios in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

The Paisley Park compound – current museum, former home and recording studio – will put over 300 pairs of shoes on display as part of an art exhibition behind the singer's life. The Beautiful Collection: Prince's Custom Shoes, is the largest of its kind, aiming to highlight Prince's significance on style fashion, and pop-culture through his signature psychedelic, androgynous POV.

From festival stages to music video sets, Prince's footwear was an integral element of the artist's over-the-top visual aesthetic. The late musician is no doubt a pioneer of self-expression, often using fashion and heeled boots to push the boundaries and begin conversations revolving around identity and gender fluidity throughout his career.

Paisley Park visitors will get up close and personal with some of the most iconic pairs, including Prince's staple Medusa-print boots made by Versace and the blue, beaded booties worn on stage to accept the Best Original Score Grammy Award for Purple Rain.

"His expansive, incredible shoe collection is just one example of his artistic expression, personality, and lasting impact on fashion," said exhibition's curator Mitch Maguire. "When guests visit this exhibition, they will be immersed in the drama, taste, and complexity of Prince while also revealing some of the collaborators who worked so closely to bring his vision to life."

In the words of Prince, let's go crazy. Tickets are available now on Paisley Park's website ahead of the exhibition's July 9 opening date.

Photography by Kevin Mazur/ Courtesy of The Prince Estate