MGK and Megan Fox's NSFW Instagram Exchange Divides Fans

MGK and Megan Fox's NSFW Instagram Exchange Divides Fans

No one knows what to make of Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox's latest online exchange.

Earlier this week, the actress took to Instagram to post a mirror selfie in which she can be seen leaning against the dining table in their $30,000/month Airbnb. And the not-so-subtle caption? "When I tell you that the table at this air bnb saw some things," alongside the hot, red-faced emoji.

As if that wasn't overt enough, MGK left a pretty... spicy comment underneath the photo, writing, "I'm really glad that's not our table anymore." And though his message has since been deleted, the comment sections on @commentsbycelebs's is, as expected, a little all over the place.

For the most part, the general consensus was a big old "yikes," with a number of commenters saying things like, "they know they can just text each other with this stuff, right?"

"Some things should stay private for a reason," as a second person said, while a second simply added, "cringe."

"When your relationship has no depth so you have to compensate on social media," another wrote, seemingly alluding to past instances of oversharing, such as MGK's comments on Megan's "daddy issues" post.

And elsewhere, others appeared to criticize their brazen exchange for being somewhat disrespectful, with a few joking that the host now had quite the clean-up job.

Granted, one high-profile person came to the couple's defense, a.k.a. FBoy Islandhost Nikki Glaser, who said, "I think I'm the only one who liked this."

"I think it's hot when couples flirt publicly in comments but maybe that's just me," she continued, before pointing out that this is exactly "what we crave as a celeb-obsessed culture in the first place."

"It's funny that when they offer it like this, we're like 'No! Gross!TMI!!," Glaser went on to add. "We wanted this info, but would have preferred to get it without your consent via Deuxmoi after you were seated next to someone at a restaurant who eavesdropped on your private convo!"

Check out what people are saying via @commentsbycelebs's post, below.

Photo via Getty / Rich Fury