Kim Kardashian Had Fireplace Sex With Pete Davidson to 'Honor' Her Grandma

Kim Kardashian Had Fireplace Sex With Pete Davidson to 'Honor' Her Grandma

There are no secrets between Kim Kardashian and her grandma.

On the latest episode of The Kardashians, the Skims mogul gave fans a brief glimpse into her extremely close relationship with maternal grandmother, Mary Jo "MJ" Campbell, in the middle of their conversation about the 41-year-old's then-boyfriend, Pete Davidson. And it ended up being pretty revealing to say the least.

"You know what's so crazy?," as a sly-looking Kim asks MJ, who's standing around a kitchen island alongside mom Kris Jenner and sister Khloé Kardashian after a brief speakerphone conversation with the 28-year-old comedian, a.k.a. the guy who infamously inspired the term "Big Dick Energy."

"Pete and I were staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel last weekend, and we were sitting in front of the fireplace, just talking for hours," she said before adding, "And I was like, 'My grandma told me that you really live life when you have sex in front of the fireplace.'" So then what did the pair end up doing right afterwards? Obviously have "sex in front of the fireplace in honor" of MJ.

"I know that's really creepy," Kim went on to admit. However, MJ didn't really seem to mind hearing about her granddaughter's sex life with the former Saturday Night Live star. Rather, she appeared to be more concerned with the place they picked out.

"Not in the lobby?," the 88-year-old quipped. And though Kim quickly responded by refuting the idea of any hanky panky in the hotel's main area, she did say that it was kind of "creepy to think about your grandma before you have sex." But as MJ explained, it wasn't a huge deal, seeing as how she'd also been "younger once."

So despite the fact that Kim and Pete are no more, you can still watch the candid moment for yourself via Twitter below.

Photos via Shutterstock / Asatur Yesayants & Ga Fullner