Mia Vesper's Tiger Shirt Was a New Year's Eve Hit

Mia Vesper's Tiger Shirt Was a New Year's Eve Hit

Brooklyn-based designer Mia Vesper was in for a double treat on New Year's Eve. Man-of-the-moment Pete Davidson and top fashion influencer Tina Leung both sported the brand's Uzbek Tiger Piecework shirt: a striking artisanal velvet top made of Ikat textiles that takes several days to weave and sew.

Davidson, who paired the $1,200 shirt with matching pants and jewelry from Vesper, wore the full-look ensemble for Miley Cyrus' New Year's Eve show. "What’s refreshing about Pete and his style is that he loves color and isn’t afraid to wear bold prints," Davidson's stylist Britt Theodora tells PAPER. "Since the event took place in Miami we wanted his looks to feel vibrant and mood boosting."

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2022 also happens to be the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac, adding another layer to this two-fold celebrity fashion moment. The one-size shirt is from Vesper's tapestry collection and is available to order now. Vesper, who launched her made-in-New York namesake brand in 2016 by upcycling vintage tapestries into lavish outerwear, also designed designed a custom look for Beyoncé's Black Is King video.

"There are many ways to interpret brand integrity and sustainability," Vesper says. "I count my small batch, New York made operation as one proverbial tick mark, and I count my sometimes-use of vintage material as another. But at the end of the day, I believe the most incorruptible aspect of a fashion brand comes from the specialness and intentionality of the garments. I make clothes that are special to people.”

Courtesy of Tina Leung