Inside the Hottest Paris Fashion Week Parties

Inside the Hottest Paris Fashion Week Parties

By Matt Weinberger
Mar 06, 2024

Paris Fashion Week's main focus may be the runway shows taking over the city, there's also plenty of fun to be had after the last model's cleared the stage. We sent man about town Matt Weinberger to capture Fall 2024 Paris Fashion Week's after parties in all their chaotic glory — check out his photo diary, below.

Vivenne Westwood Afters

The Vivienne Westwood team, the models that walked in the show and some VIPs and friends of the brand got together for a champagne-filled night of fun. I was lucky to attend as my friend Annabelle’s plus-one. She walked in the show and looked absolutely stunning doing so. It was great meeting people on the VW team and getting to hang with the models. The dance floor was fun and Julia Fox came through and we had a moment for a mini-photoshoot. Andreas Kronthaler has been bringing the brand in an exciting new direction. I’m curious to see where things go next.

Lu'u Dan Pool Party

At first I thought this was going to be a pool party with a swimming pool. I was wrong. And I was glad I ,was. I didn’t have a bathing suit. We were playing pool! Like the billiards kind of pool. There was an open bar and good food too. Dumplings. Noodles. Rice. Kind of the perfect mix of fun. You put me in a room with free food and some pool tables and you know I’ll have a good time. Plus an awesome crowd. Chefs kiss. Lu'u Dan is crushing it as a cool emerging designer. They let me borrow some pants and a shirt to wear to the party. I felt very cool in that fit. The party served as a much needed change in pace. It was a blast.

Ann Demeulemeester FW24 After Party

This was my first time at Le Carmen. I heard from Paris locals that the club used to be very cool but in recent years had fallen off a bit. I was immediately confused upon entering, as the party looked absolutely epic. Makes sense why after everyone was saying this was the best party they had in ages. Le Carmen was back! The party sported an open bar until 2 AM. Things got a bit messy but overall very fun. The downstairs dance floor was pounding. Upstairs, the couches were filled with friends and lovers. Everyone looked stylish — if you didn't, you probably weren’t getting in. Ann Demeulemeester knows how to throw a party.

MSCHF Showroom Opening Night

Yummy food. Good drinks. Cool clothing in the showroom upstairs. Good music. This was an ideal party to kick off the night. I wish I hadn’t had dinner before coming. The Korean fried chicken was delicious and the African-inspired rice dish went beyond what it had to do. Gift baggies lined the room. People came through excited and curious. The staff was great. The dance floor was non existent but so what? There was good food. The DJs were good. Arexibo, Maalib, Texi Latex, and Eyrah all spun. The crowd was friendly. Very international.

The Sweet East Afters

Auteur director Sean Price William’s critically acclaimed film, The Sweet East, with a star-studded cast including Talia Ryder, Simon Rex, Jacob Elordi, Jeremy O. Harris and Rish Shaw, just opened in Paris. Sean and the cast threw a party to celebrate. The party took place in a sprawling multi-level basement complex reminiscent of an abandoned bunker. The space was massive. The hundred or so people who attended the party were spread thin throughout the many rooms of the space, engaging in pockets of conversation and discourse. Groups crowded around the bar and dance floor. The place was a maze and the crowd filled with a broadly international cinema crowd all there to celebrate Sean's new movie. The movie was written by NY film scene's beloved Nick Pinkerton. It’s definitely worth a watch. Just be careful, you might fall in love. Anything can happen.

Tribute Brand Punk Party

It’s probably the least punk thing to do ever — to throw a party called "the punk party." But that’s where the humor lies. Tribute Brand’s parody of Victoria Secret’s Pink line, called Punk — using the same font as VS but changing the "i" to a "u" — was the central inspiration for the night. The Punk line reappropriates the visual language of VS' Pink to create an aesthetic similar to the likes of Anna Bolina or Yuri Sport. Held in a smoky Irish pub, the party popped off. Great DJs. Ample dancing. Reasonably overpriced drinks by the Parisian standard. An outdoor smoking patio. An indoor debauchery playground. All was well in the silly world of Tribute Brand's not-so-punk “Punk”.

Mayback Party

Mayback is on tour, with their final stop being Paris. Orchestrated by April Rubi, the brand has recently thrown parties in Los Angeles, New York City, Berlin and now Paris. The Paris stop on the Mayback tour took place at L’injuste during the heat of fashion week. Fernando Rangel (of Unsound Rags and Silver League,) Nick Holiday (DJ and owner of the Holiday brand), photographer Mark Hunter AKA The Cobrasnake and Maya Spangler AKA StolenBesos all came through from LA to join the fun. Things got sleazy. The people were feeling sexy. Cigarettes and French 75s were the choice items of consumption. Such a fun way to end a great tour!

Betsy Johnson x Courtney Top Birthday Celebration

“WEAR ALL BLACK” read the invitation. FVTVR Club was packed. English was the lingua franca of an international crowd of fashionistas, models, artists and cool kids from around the globe. Cigarettes, sheer tops, black leather, metal studs and large sunglasses were plentiful. Betsy Johnson, Eman, Francois X and Herrenschiede all took their turns spinning, playing banging techno and off-beat sounds, lighting up the the foggy dance floor. In the venue’s outdoor area, the space was filled with excitement. Nick Holiday, Tess Breeden, Julia Fox and a number of other cool big names, and up-and-coming talent made appearances. So chic. So fun.

Photography: Matt Weinberger