PAPER Predictions: 100 People Taking Over 2019

PAPER Predictions: 100 People Taking Over 2019

For PAPER's 2019 predictions list, we looked across every aspect of pop culture — music, film, art, activism, social media, fashion, beauty — for fresh new faces that are about to look a whole lot more familiar. Tierra Whack, Slayyyter, and Tayla Parx are set to feature heavily on your pump up playlists. Justice Smith, Chance Perdomo, and Emma Nelson are starring in upcoming blockbusters in cinemas and on Netflix. Writers Sally Mao and Morgan Parker are headed to bookstore shelves, and artists like Damon Davis and Jessi Jumanji will headline gallery shows. We've figured out exactly whose profiles you're about to follow: Layla F. Saad, Allen Salway, Hunter Harris. Plus the people you'll be getting fashion, makeup, and self-love inspiration from: Isaac West, La'shaunae, Crystal Methnay. It's going to be a good year! These are the 100 names worth getting to know in advance.

Allen Salway

Illustration by Austin Call (@Duhrivative)

Who are you?

I am a 21-year-old Dinè, Oglala Lakota and Tohono O'odham community organizer and writer from the Navajo Nation. I currently reside in Tuscon, Arizona. I have a combined following of 98,000 followers via Twitter and Instagram through my continuous work and support in raising awareness about Native American and Indigenous issues.

What do you do?

I am a student as well as a community organizer for my people back home on the reservation and a writer with several articles out on Teen Vogue and PAPER. I also independently write via the subscription service Patreon, which allows me to create new material and share works relating to issues and articles that educate my readers. I also use my social media platforms to continue to spread awareness about ongoing and current issues in America today that effect my community.

What are you most proud of from 2018?

The project I am most proud of that I was able to do in 2018 was an Indigenous People's Day fundraiser with DigDeep, which ended up raising over $20,000 in just one week — this being enough for 4 families to receive running water and electricity in their homes (who have never had it before). The fundraiser also helped boost multiple Native owned businesses, and because of its overall success will now be an annual event. Prior to that, on 'Giving Tuesday' I helped raise over $87,000 for the Navajo Water Project which helped an estimate of 60 families receive water and electricity.

What do you think will be your biggest challenge in 2019?

In all honesty, I hate to say that I am my own worst enemy. I think the biggest challenge I'll need to overcome in the next year is dealing with not limiting myself through self-doubt in my capabilities, and trying my best to continue to be and do greater than the version of myself previously has been.

What do you think will be your biggest opportunity in 2019?

To my knowledge, the biggest opportunity of 2019 is having the opportunity to be flown out by DigDeep as one of their ambassadors, to represent and speak at the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington, D.C. which is actually in the middle of January. I definitely know the rest of the year will bring more great surprises and events that I will be a part of.

Where can we follow you?

Twitter: @lilnativeboy

Instagram: @lilnativeboy

Patreon: lilnativeboy

As chosen by Justin Moran, Claire Valentine, Michael Love Michael, Kat Gillespie, and Jael Goldfine
Illustrations by Austin Call (@Duhrivative)


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