What's the Best Thing You've Bought During Quarantine?

What's the Best Thing You've Bought During Quarantine?

by Evan Ross Katz

For me it was the Sies Marjan neon green and magenta Alex trousers featuring a tonal gradient effect. To quote Faith in Season 3, Episode 14 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "Want. Take. Have." Except purchase, not take. (Sorry, Faith.) I first spotted these pants on Antoni Porowski at the 2019 CFDA Fashion Awards, then actor Caleel Harris for the Hollywood Reporter's 2019 Young Hollywood list. My boyfriend gifted me the accompanying 100% Viscose shirt for my birthday earlier this year and I figured that, with nowhere to go for the foreseeable future, what better time to complete a look of which I've never even worn the first half. Logic? Who needs it. With the luxury brand shuttering in July, the sale prices online made these items a worthwhile investment on account of their inevitable collector's item status. And who knows, maybe one day there will be occasion to leave the house and wear them. Stranger things have happened (see: Kylie Jenner in the "WAP" video.)

This got me thinking about other fashion items that people have copped during the last half a century six months in quarantine. Perhaps some, like me, with no intention to even wear them out any time soon.

In April we were wondering whether it was even okay to online shop during a pandemic. Health-wise, we now know that the answer is yes, so long as you have the desire and the means, one or both of which can easily be lacking given the circumstances. "Okay," sure. But fun? Exciting? Worthwhile? Fulfilling? For many that I spoke to, it's less about shopping as an activity to fill the time, and more about finding that one luxury item to become a quarantine staple and lift your spirits, even if you net out with your spirits floating weightlessly adrift a la Sandy Bullock in that space movie. Ad Astra? No. Interstellar? Not that one. First Man? Nope. The Martian? 🥴. Gravity. Yes, that one!

Below, some of our faves weigh in on what they've purchased during lockdown and why.

Torraine Futurum, model/musician

Item: HD Film Lace

Copped from: Yoo Wigs

Why you covet it: I went blonde right at the beginning of quarantine. I started using HD Film Lace for the first time as well. I was always scared to go as light as I am now but I'm obsessed with it and will be some version of blonde/light brown for a while. I feel like 2001 Beyonce. It makes me feel warmer, more touchable. But with corona, the only person touching me these days is my boyfriend [laughs].

Crystal Methyd, drag performer

Item: Vintage Pink Frame Handbag

Copped from:Store B in Chicago, IL

Why you covet it: I covet this piece because I love all things pink and beaded. I enjoy carrying it around the house and pretending I've got somewhere important to be.

Cora Harrington, founder and EIC of The Lingerie Addict

Item: Rosamosario Stripe Silk Caftan

Copped from:Rosamosario website (during an 80% off clearance sale)

Why you covet it: I love being draped in vast amounts of silk any day of the week, and a caftan is my perfect, at-home aesthetic. Glamorous, comfortable, and easy to wear? Yes!

Chris Black, high-Level Cultural Commentator®/host of How Long Gone

Item:Our Legacy Borrowed Shirt

Copped from:Neighbour

Why you covet it: I needed a breathable long sleeve shirt for the sometimes oppressive LA summer heat. This loosely woven linen button-down from Our Legacy fits the bill perfectly.

Margaret Cho, iconic comedian

Item: Brother Vellies mules

Copped from:Brother Vellies

Why you covet it: So I bought these beautiful mules I guess before quarantine but they've become my ONLY SHOE. They're kind of saving my life. I feel like I'm at Versailles. Not at the Valley. For A WHOLE FUCKING YEAR IN A PANDEMIC. They hide the fact I haven't had a pedicure in several months and I stress-tore off my big toenail. They're much more expensive than I usually spend but so worth it. I don't care. Worth every penny.

Jordan Firstman, writer/impressionist

Item:Chromatica merch

Copped from: ladygaga.com

Why you covet it: I bought $200 worth of Chromatica merch on Ambien in April. I obviously completely forgot about it and when Chromatica first came out I really didn't stan. My gay friends pushed me to keep trying and so I did and after eight or so listens I finally stanned and stanned hard. The day after, the album finally "clicked" for me, my Chromatica merch arrived and I just felt so grateful that it arrived just in time for me to love and embrace it.

Valentina, drag performer

Item: Tucking panties

Copped from: Tuck It Up

Why you covet it: What I love about my Tuck It Up tucking panties is that they are comfortable, sexy and they hide panty lines and my moose knuckle in high rise pants. But what I love most is that they make me feel super fish without the long, sticky and sometimes uncomfortable processes of tucking with tape. I enjoy hiking up the straps all the way up to my hip bones like a high cut thong from the '80s and lay quarantined in bed in a goddess pose.

Isis King, actress and model

Item: Decorative silk scarves

Copped from: Amazon

Why you covet it: It's an easy way to bring print to an outfit. Also I recently had hairline transplant surgery so it's a two for one currently [laughs]. A pop of personality to an outfit, but also an easy way to cover/protect the healing process!

Marcus Morris, photographer

Item:Winston leather matte black slides

Copped from: Winston Leathers

Why you covet it: Shelby Ivey Christie tweeted about a company called Winston Leathers in Nigeria that supplies luxury leather and skins to European fashion brands. Through their insta I was able to cop a sick pair of leather slides for a great price. I know so much of the conversation this summer has been about supporting Black owned businesses and I was glad to find them and support!

Nikki Glaser, comedian/host of You Up w/ Nikki Glaser

Item:A kimono robe

Copped from:Hotel San Jose

Why you covet it: I just got this robe in pink as a gift from my best friend who also owns one. I have copied this friend's style since 1994 and have no plan on stopping. I don't trust my own taste as much as hers. She could wear a MAGA hat and I'd be like "I guess I never realized how cute hate could look!" I love this robe so much even though it makes me look like a sister wife in a southwestern cult (at least it makes me look married!). It's perfect for anywhere you'd want to wear it during quarantine: around the house, getting your mail, or even on your death bed! It's nice to know what I'll wear for that occasion. I get stressed out about planning outfits.

Priyanka, drag performer

Item: Oversized plaid shirt

Copped from: Grapefruit clothing store in Toronto

Why you covet it: We all heard of putting on the Covid "19." Wearing an oversized fashion moment makes you have all the body confidence you need in quarantine.

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