Nikita Dragun Launches an OnlyFans
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Nikita Dragun Launches an OnlyFans

Nikita Dragun is taking a stand against transphobes by baring it all on OnlyFans. After a Florida arrest placed her in a men’s jail, the trans influencer is launching an OnlyFans to proudly embrace her body.

In November 2022, Dragun was arrested for felony assault on a police officer in Florida and was detained in a men’s jail unit. According to her representatives, the popular beauty YouTuber and TikTok star was identified on the arrest affidavit as “male.” In bond court, Dragun asked through tears, "Do I have to stay here in the men’s unit still?"

Though the Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehabilitation Department disputed her claim, stating, "Inmate Dragun never made it beyond the booking process prior to release; therefore, she was never placed in a men's unit,” Dragun remained silent on social media since the event.

Dragun’s representatives have asked the public to allow the influencer time to process her time in processing.

On Tuesday, she came out of her shell ready to bare it all and give the transphobes hell. Dragun unveiled her OnlyFans account in a teaser video posted to Twitter and Instagram captioned, “proud to say that YES i have a dick, YES i just launched an onlyfans, and YES i’m going to show it.

Taking on the trope of the urinal dick-measuring contest, Dragun waltzes into a public bathroom, unzips her “OnlyFans” studded leather briefs and smirks to her urinal buddies with the golden quip, “Mine’s bigger.”

Just how big is for her to know and fans to find out for the low price of $23.99 a month. Dragun will hold nothing back after promising she has “something BIG coming for all of you” when promoting the page. With content already posted behind the paywall, you’ll have to subscribe to see her big surprise.

The announcement was well received by fans, celebrities and the general public, taking into account the spike in popularity of trans porn. While Dragun is standing up against transphobes and cashing in on her fanbase, she’ll likely be seeing big figures on OnlyFans.

Photo courtesy of Matteo Prandoni/BFA