Nicola Formichetti of Nicopanda Previews His Collab with Amazon

Nicola Formichetti of Nicopanda Previews His Collab with Amazon

From his days as Lady Gaga's stylist to now as the creative director of Diesel and Nicopanda, one of fashion's most vibrant and innovative brands, Nicola Formichetti has become one of the most influential figures in fashion, leaving his mark in virtually every fashion medium you can think of. But as always, he wants to push the envelope even more. For Nicopanda's Spring 2018 show today during London Fashion Week, the brand collaborated with Amazon Fashion and it's Prime Now app for a capsule collection that advances the see-now-buy-now movement to a whole new level, becoming see-now-Prime-now.

The collection will be shown on the runway and available for purchase throughout much of Europe with one-day delivery. And for some lucky zip codes in London and Milan, you can have the clothes at your doorstep just an hour after the show. We caught up with Nicola over email in the midst of LFW insanity to talk about his collection with Amazon and preview his sure-to-be-memorable SS18 show.

Why was the see-now-buy-now model not enough? What made you want to elevate it?

It's not about "see-now-buy-now" being enough — how about see now, buy now, and wear now! This is becoming our new normal.

Why did you decide to partner with Amazon?

Amazon has mastered the speed of delivery which is why this project was so interesting. Imagine from the runway to your house within 1 hour with Amazon Prime Now. It's amazing!

What inspired the clothes you're selling on Amazon? What were your goals in creating the collection?

We focused on our classic Nicopanda unisex shapes — a comfy oversized fit for our bombers and hoodies and a relaxed t-shirt with a custom Nicopanda motif in a polka dot pattern. The color palette for the collection is bright and happy: red, pink, and navy. I based the shapes on my own go-to wardrobe staples. Really, these pieces are classics you can wear day in and day out.

Tell us all about your Spring show. What were your influences? What do you want to achieve?

It's all about the youth culture and the tribes we all fell in and out of during high school — the Jock, the Preps, the Punks, and, of course, the Prom Queen. I revisited my favorite coming-of-age films, such as Dazed and Confused, The Breakfast Club and Jawbreaker, focusing on the cliques these films highlight to set the look and mood of this new collection.

You place a lot of emphasis on digital use and innovation. Why is that so important to you?

Yes, digital use and innovation are very important to me- —being able to reach so many people by a click of a button or one image is incredible. Having the opportunity to discover new artists and talent in the digital sphere is an amazing wonder and something that will always excite me and motivate my work.

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