Netflix Subscribers Cancel Accounts Over Hype House Show

Netflix Subscribers Cancel Accounts Over Hype House Show

Netflix subscribers are not happy with the new Hype House reality TV show.

On Thursday, the streaming giant announced that it had officially picked up the series, which will ostensibly document the TikTok collective's drama-filled lives through juicy confessionals and glimpses into their day-to-day shenanigans.

It should be noted though that some of the most famous stars to come out of Hype House won't be featured, including former members Addison Rae and the D'Amelios. Even so, the show will still include big names like Lil Huddy and, strangely enough, even YouTuber Nikita Dragun.

But as a show explicitly meant to ensure "longevity for their careers," it didn't take long for people to start criticizing Netflix's decision to give the controversial stars an even bigger platform, especially given the backlash some members incurred for their past comments and handling of the pandemic.

"Why are you giving [these] irresponsible TikTokers a series? No one asked for this," as one person wrote, while another added, "Literally??? All of them don't care about the pandemic and half of them are racist or homophobic."

Meanwhile, others accused Netflix of canceling popular scripted series like The Society in favor of something "literally nobody wants to watch."

And even more threatened to boycott the streamer and cancel their subscriptions over the show, with one critic explaining, "LOL STOP MAKING THESE USELESS HUMANS FAMOUS OH MY@GOOOODDDD NO ONE FUCKING CARES."

Obviously, Hype House isn't the only TikTok collective with a show as Sway House already is broadcasting its own Instagram series and the D'Amelios have a big Hulu show on the way.

No premiere date has been announced yet, but in the meantime see what else some people are saying about Netflix's latest endeavor below.

Photo courtesy of Netflix