Buy the World's First AI-Based Rap Song as an NFT

Buy the World's First AI-Based Rap Song as an NFT

Who would have thought that 2021 would be the year of the first AI-based rap song? The future of music is officially here thanks to producer Keyon Christ, who is sharing a new song," Black Skin Machine," that hits streaming services on April 15. Until then, an NFT of this one-of-a-kind tune is here today.

Christ, who produced Kanye West's "FML" and Rihanna's "Goodnight Gotham," created "Black Skin Machine" because of the lack of diversity within the realms of AI and NFT. He created it using AI trained by AI Death Metal band Dadabots on 8,000 discographies. "Black Skin Machine" debuted at NVIDIA's GTC conference to "showcase newfound AI developments with music," according to a press release.

There's no question that "Black Skin Machine" is an invaluable piece of work that opens up the door for what's possible within the rap space. That's why it's already starting to amass some serious money as an NFT for sale. As of this writing, the latest bid for the one-of-one NT is at 2.20 ETH, or $5,008.81 There's still a little more than half a day on the auction, so it's clear that it'll potentially swell even higher.

With Christ's new song becoming the first of its kind, it looks like he's going to continue paving the way for AI rap music. He's currently planning to "train the natural network on Atlanta trap music in the near future,” while he's working on placements for even more collaborators. Who knows — maybe Christ will even find a way to get a super star on a track with AI and set another record.

Check out the auction for "Black Skin Machine," up above. Stay tuned for when the song hits streaming services on April 15.

Photo courtesy of Luke Fenstemaker


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