Watch Myylo Bring Abercrombie & Fitch Models to Life

Watch Myylo Bring Abercrombie & Fitch Models to Life

by Kenna McCafferty

In its time, Abercrombie & Fitch was an erotic awakening, ultimately raising the question: "Do I want to be him or be with him?" The washboard-ab-clad shopping bags were a moment of sexual confusion, and release, for many. Every small-town girl, gay and guy secretly wished (whether they’d admit it or not) for the models gracing Abercrombie campaigns to materialize before them.

So If you grew up with Abercrombie anything plastered across your bedroom walls (be honest, this is a safe space), Myylo has the song for you. Premiering today on PAPER, the queer Los Angeles singer's "Abercrombie & Fitch Boy" is a nostalgic, teeny bopper pop single to get you sprung this spring.

Co-writers Dorian Electra and Myylo recall fond, familiar memories of every suburban Millennial-Z’s childhood: Abercrombie's dimly lit dressing rooms, heavily scented hallways and luxurious couches for mom to sit on while you shop for moose-embroidered polos (because the store's signature potent smell "gives her a headache").

"Dorian Electra and I wrote this while doing a little writing retreat together at the beach," Myylo says of their collab. "We were walking along the boardwalk at sunset and caught a glimpse of these extremely hot beach people watching TV in their living room. We both thought it was so funny, a too on-the-nose visual representation of beach life aesthetics. We got home and immediately started writing this ode to V lines and Abercrombie poster models."

In the accompanying music video for "Abercrombie & Fitch Boy," Myylo uses a magical spell book to transform Abercrombie bags into real-life, six-foot-tall, skinny jean-wearing, Abercrombie models. "I had been hit with a memory of watching 1996's The Craft, specifically the scene where these four teen witches are summoning some dark, demonic power on the beach," Myylo says. "I was like 'LOL, what if my music video took on that vibe?'"

Beyond the thirst-trap fantasy of"Abercrombie & Fitch Boy," Myylo's release embraces the fun, flirty feeling of trying on the brand’s coveted low-rise jeans and really feeling yourself for the first time (even if they were too expensive to buy) — an innocent and poignant piece of our collective consciousness.

"The pandemic turned me into a bit of a '90s and Y2K nostalgist," Myylo says. "Something about that era makes me think of Abercrombie & Fitch stores at the mall where you'd walk by and get absolutely crushed by the scent of Abercrombie perfume and posters of airbrushed abs. — a truly horny and chaotic image from early 00's culture that I think this song captures."

Myylo’s single and accompanying video is nothing short of horny chaos. With writing credits for Zolita and ongoing collaborations with Electra already under Myylo’s belt, we can’t wait to see the notches he adds to it next. For now, he’s teasing new music once a month and an as-of-yet untitled debut album on the way.

Photography: Carlos Guevara