Myylo's 'Cling On' Video Is a Steamy Summer Fling

Myylo's 'Cling On' Video Is a Steamy Summer Fling

by Camille Bavera

He’s known to fans eponymously as Myylo, a pop-y singer-songwriter that likes bright colors, TikTok and pool floaties come summertime — but now the artist is getting more intimate, with a PDA-forward music video starring "boyfriend" Akeem Biggs for his new single, "Cling On," out today. The song is lifted off his forthcoming album set to release later this year with "Abercrombie & Fitch Boy," followed by a major city tour including stops in Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago.

"Not to be corny, but this song is how I feel when I fall in love: Hormones going berserk, a relentless string of obsessive thoughts of the other person, and a literal and figurative desire to cling on tight... also Star Trek references feel like love ,obviously," Myylo says, the Trekkie reference making a cameo somewhere in-between the canoodling grocery shopping moment and stuffing mega-sized marshmallows into each other’s mouths while their friends politely look away from the "PDA blitzkrieg."

A lot of the props and the overall feel gives very "High School sweethearts gone shopping at Target before going camping" vibes, and the way in which Myylo and his partner in production crime, Maya Sassoon, funded the whole project is something rather special.

By assuring his fans masterpoints of the record, Myylo effectively financed the entire project, with those investors becoming his executive producers. "I think deal structures like this could be the future of independent artistry” co-creatives Myylo and Sasson say, who believe that this new idea of a patron/artist could be the future of artistic investment, with listeners playing a more active role in the careers of indie acts they hope to see succeed in a saturated industry.

So now, Myylo's fans will be pleased with the boyfriends rocking their skinny boy legs all night, because this video is going to quickly become the definition of steamy summer couple goals. "Was this song partially inspired by a late night vehicular tryst where the cops knocked on my foggy window and told me and a boy to skedaddle? We'll never know ultimately," he teases.

Watch the music video for "Cling On" and stream Myylo's new single, below.

Photo courtesy of Myylo