Micah Was a Breakout Star at Paris Fashion Week

Micah Was a Breakout Star at Paris Fashion Week

Mar 06, 2024

The fashion-obsessed all recently flocked to Paris Fashion Week, including “Moons” singer and prized pianist Micah, styled by none other than Nicola Formichetti. “I love working with artists who are passionate about experimenting with fashion and are fearless in their approach to self-expression,” Formichetti tells PAPER, celebrating the “creative adventure” that is styling Micah as he navigates the beginning stages of his pop career.

Together, they attended some of the week’s buzziest shows — from Alexander McQueen to Vivienne Westwood — where Micah solidified himself as a breakout style star this season. “We embraced avant garde style with a twist of Parisian chic,” Formichetti adds, “focusing on dynamic silhouettes, mixing pieces from both up-and-coming designers and renowned brands.” The result of their fashionable collaboration was at times playful (a kitty-inspired fit or sleeping bag-esque gown) and bold (a beaded crochet dress with nude briefs underneath).

“Micah truly has no boundaries,” Lady Gaga’s iconic fashion director gushes, so PAPER asked Micah to break down his top PFW looks, below. “Tres chic!”

Ludovic de Saint Sernin Party

Clothing: On Aura Tout Vu

First night out in Paris and felt sparkly like the city of light.


Top: Maldito, Shorts: Transe Paris

Me as a kitty cat.

Alexander McQueen

Clothing: Jeanne Friot

Wanted to wear something firey and red in homage to McQueen.

Vivienne Westwood

Clothing: Vivienne Westwood

I was channeling the dame Vivienne herself: timeless.


Clothing: Memento Mori

Sleeping bag chic never goes out of fashion.

Photography: Dmitrii Panteleev