Melissa's 'The Real Jelly' Collection Celebrates Its Original Jelly Legacy

Melissa's 'The Real Jelly' Collection Celebrates Its Original Jelly Legacy

BYPaper MagazineMay 10, 2022

Melissa’s wildly popular jelly shoes have gone through many iterations over the years, from the brand’s original riviera-inspired style in 1979 to the countless collaborations with designers like Vivienne Westwood, Marine Serre and Jean Paul Gaultier.

And one can’t begin to talk about Melissa’s legacy without looking back at how its sustainability efforts have evolved over 40 years: as part of the Gerendene Group, the first in Brazil to produce shoes made of plastic for continuous use and longer lifespan, all Melissa products are vegan, produced with 100% recyclable PVC, and include up to 30% recycled materials.

It’s these significant markers of history that inspired Melissa to launch “The Real Jelly,” a capsule of ten different shoes and bags that celebrate the brand’s iconic jelly aesthetic. While the collection is a nostalgic look at Melissa’s DNA, the 10 unique styles are filtered through a futuristic lens filled with sleek lines and pop hues.

As Melissa’s general manager Raquel Sherer put it: “Jelly is in our DNA. In addition to fashion, our products carry attitude. It's not about a moment in history when something happened, it's about the legacy. We change the way the world sees plastic shoes. We made the first jelly shoes, and the fans made them original.”

The Real Jelly” touches on playful Y2K themes, such as the classic Melissa Possession reimagined in a bright color palette, or newer styles like the Airbubble Platform and Candy Heels referencing digital 2000s subcultures complete with minimalist and clean designs. Taking center stage in all of it is the core material itself — vibrant and translucent jelly accessories in all their summer glory.

There’s even a Melissa TikTok soundtrack celebrating the new collection, and its New York store will have a new installation featuring a labyrinth of colors and lights in honor of the launch in addition to a takeover installation at Galeries Lafayette starting May 31 in Paris — all of which echo the brand’s motto: “We made the first Melissa. You made it original.”

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