Megan Thee Stallion Granted Restraining Order Against Label

Megan Thee Stallion Granted Restraining Order Against Label

Megan Thee Stallion has spent the better part of 2022 seeking to exit her contract with her labels 1501 Certified Entertainment and 300 Entertainment. Ahead of the American Music Awards and her Favorite Female Hip-Hop Artist nomination, she has been granted a restraining order against both labels.

The long legal battle started earlier this year when the Houston rapper (real name Megan Pete) filed a lawsuit against 1501 founder Carl Crawford, alleging that they would not allow her to fulfill her contract. In particular, the label refused to recognize Something For Thee Hotties as an album despite it meeting the contractual requirements for one, thereby not counting toward the total number of albums Pete signed on to create for them. They also alleged that Traumazine, her most recent album, did not count either.

According to Billboard, Pete alleged that the labels were attempting to "block or interfere with” her “exploiting, licensing, or publishing her music” ahead of the award show. The court documents obtained by Billboard state that Pete provided evidence of the label's sabotage.

The Harris County District Court granted an "ex parte" order for Pete, which allows her to be granted a restraining order without the need for the other party to be present in court. These orders are often granted under certain circumstances such as stalking, harassment and assault. According to the court, the ex parte order was necessary as "there was not enough time to give notice to Defendants, hold a hearing, and issue a restraining order before the irreparable injury, loss, or damage would occur."

They also had to act quick, noting that the AMA voting commenced on Monday, November 14 and if she was unable to promote her music, she would "suffer irreparable harm." A hearing is set for Pete's restraining order request on November 22. If her previous lawsuit ends up in her favor, she will be able to exit her contract with 1501 Certified Entertainment as she will have satisfied her album requirements.

Photo courtesy of Carl Timpone/BFA