McDonald's X BTS: We're Obviously Lovin' It

McDonald's X BTS: We're Obviously Lovin' It

by Jessica Romoff

McDonald's is taking "you are what you eat" to the next level with their exclusive BTS clothing line and meal. The collaboration features 10-piece chicken McNuggets with sweet chili and cajun sauces: two new flavors sparked by McDonald's South Korea. Merch offerings include flip flops, hoodies, socks and even a lavender bathrobe, so you can be decked out while dunking your nuggets. Best of all, the collab means four weeks of never-before-seen digital content featuring the band, available on the McDonald's app.

The BTS x McDonald's line drops at 7:00 PM EST on the Weverse Shop app and the group's track "Butter," which has already broken streaming records in just 24 hours, will back McDonald's new TV commercial.

"It's awesome to have our new song in the ad. Smooth like burger! It's an energetic and fun song that really matches this commercial," BTS idol RM told Variety.

The pop group will be following in the footsteps of McDonald's Famous Orders program; Travis Scott got the ball rolling with "The Travis Scott Meal," a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, lettuce, fries, barbecue sauce and accompanied by a merchandise line. Thanks to a viral TikTok trend, where customers rolled into the drive-thru blasting Scott's song "Sicko Mode," the collaboration was such a hit that several McDonald's ran low on ingredients. J. Balvin's Big Mac without pickles, Oreo McFlurry and fries came next and now, BTS' partnership marks the first celebrity meal to be available worldwide.

To cop your own BTS x McDonald's merch, you'll have to download the Weverse shop app to make any purchases. So, if you're fiending for hype beast nuggets swathed in a Mickey D's robe, this collab is for you. Act fast.

Photo via Getty/Chung Sung-Ju