BTS Drops Another Camping Gear Collection

BTS Drops Another Camping Gear Collection

BTS is back with their second line of camping gear. And this time, the expanded collection includes so much more.

The global artists collaborated once more with portable furniture and camping gear brand Helinox for a set perfect for nature getaways like the one they had in In the Soop. It could also work for when people camp out for concert tickets again in the post-pandemic world.

And while the previous collection had satchels and camping chairs, the new drop is the whole package — with a three-person tent, a cot, a headrest, a beach towel, and new table, chair and bag designs.

All the gear is, of course, in the signature deep purple hue associated with the group. They also have BTS x Helinox seals, and subtle and sleek geometric pattern prints inspired by the BTS logo, as well as Helinox's own diamond-shaped logo. See photos of the products below.

The items are priced from $20 - $730, and they all sold out not long after the website launched the collection. But check them out here in case Helinox ever decides to restock.

Photos courtesy Helinox