Justin Bieber's Head Will Greet You at Loewe's New Store

Justin Bieber's Head Will Greet You at Loewe's New Store

Who knew Jonathan Anderson was a Belieber?

For his new Loewe store in Beverly Hills, the designer and art buff handpicked a painted wood rendering of Justin Bieber's head to feature prominently in the shoe section. His bust sits atop a shelf while the tattooed arms are situated elsewhere in the space. He better stan!

The Bieber artworks are by the American sculptor Paul Pfeiffer, which Anderson first came across about a year and a half ago at London's Thomas Dane gallery, according to WWD. "I instantly thought we have to have it for the Loewe Foundation,” he told the outlet. “A lot of artists have looked to Justin Bieber, so I thought there was something to this idea of iconography and being in LA”

In fact, he actually posted the sculpture on Instagram back in September of 2021. According to Pfeiffer, the piece speaks to the ways in which mass media has shaped contemporary culture and how icons can be interpreted and dissolved, drawing connections between religious worship and pop celebrity fandom.

Anderson has yet to meet the Biebs, but with his new flagship now open on Rodeo Drive, I'd venture to say their worlds will cross sooner than later.

Photo courtesy of Loewe