The truth doesn't always have to necessarily hurt, as Lizzo just proved.

Last night, a fan tweeted to the singer, asking why she "still somehow [hates]" herself, despite always listening to Lizzo's self-love anthems.

And in true fashion, Lizzo responded perfectly.

"It's because loving yourself don't happen overnight," Lizzo began. "self-hate is years of internalized programming from external influences. sometimes self-hate is chemical & effects ya mentally/emotionally.."

Not only that, but Lizzo also took a moment to keep things real, admitting that she also is still working toward complete self-love.

"Give your growth time," she continued. "it took me 10 years and I'm still not 100% there."

Talk about some true words of wisdom. Check out what the original poster and Twitter-at-large thinks about Lizzo's response, below.

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