Lizzo Reveals her NSFW Dream Date with Chris Evans

Lizzo Reveals her NSFW Dream Date with Chris Evans

Lizzo hasn't been shy about her big crush on Chris Evans. They've been DMing each other and even had a friendly exchange over a spicy pregnancy rumor. And the most recent development in this saga is the singer's interview on Sirius XM with Andy Cohen.

The artist was unafraid to dish on her fantasy for a future date with Captain America. "We have plans, well—we don't have plans," she told Cohen. "But he did say he will come to a show, and I was like, okay, shots on me. And he said, 'no shots on me.'"

And then, Lizzo surprised herself with her NSFW story. "So, here's my scenario," she continued. "He's naked in the green room. And he has body shots all on his chest. And I walk in, and I slowly just suck them off." She then cuts herself off, "Okay. Sorry. Next question."

Evans hasn't responded to this latest flirty comment from Lizzo just yet. But maybe he'll see and say something that'll fuel more romance rumors, or actually make this romantic fantasy come true IRL. See the full clip from the interview below.

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