Lizzo Calling Chris Brown Her 'Favorite Person' Divides Fans

Lizzo Calling Chris Brown Her 'Favorite Person' Divides Fans

Fans are divided over Lizzo's admiration of Chris Brown.

This past weekend, a video of the "Good as Hell" singer interacting with Brown backstage at the Millennium Tour surfaced online. In the clip, she excitedly asked for a picture with him followed by her declaration that he's her "favorite person in the whole fucking world."

However, Lizzo's request surprised the internet thanks to Brown's violent history with his partners, most notably the 2009 felony assault charges leveled at him after a domestic dispute with then-girlfriend Rihanna. Since then though, he's also been accused of rape and threatening a woman with a gun, as well as threatening to kill ex Karrueche Tran, hitting her throughout their relationship and pushing her down the stairs — all of which convinced a judge to issue Tran a temporary restraining order against him.

Given all that, fans took to Twitter to debate Lizzo's comments, with some expressing their disappointment in her.

"Lizzo's favourite person in the whole WORLD is Chris Brown?!?! Don't puss [sic] me off," one person wrote, before another wondered why Brown was her favorite person in the world "when there are 7.9 billion of us."

"Lizzo fan girling over chris brown shoes the type of woman she actually is," a third critic said while accusing Lizzo of being a hypocrite. "Y'all be 'doing stuff for women' then turn around and do stuff against women child…. She dtm for me."

Surprisingly though, a number of Lizzo defenders argued that despite her declaration being "really pathetic," many people's favorite artists have made similar comments and even collaborated with Brown following the allegations and his conviction in the Rihanna assault case. And all of this led Lizzo's fans to criticize people for acting "brand new" with her, especially after Drake worked on a track with Brown, Eminem appeared to side with him in his alleged Rihanna diss track and Justin Bieber compared him to Tupac and Michael Jackson.

"y'all are acting so fake shocked in these quotes like your fav doesn't like chris," as defender wrote, before a second said that the backlash made "zero sense," speculating that Lizzo had "his pictures on her binder catching the school bus too."

Lizzo has yet to respond.

Photos via Getty / Allen Berezovsky & David McNew